Our Unique Rug Cleaning Process

Our Unique Rug Cleaning Process

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Rugs are one of the most decorative and functional items in your home; not only do they provide a nice aesthetic touch to a space, but they add warmth to a room (particularly those with hardwood floors) without covering the space with carpet. But what happens after a rug has been put through the wringer? Can it ever be made to look brand new? The answer is simple: yes!

Step-by-Step Cleaning Process

Each rug is evaluated during the pre-wash stage. Areas that need special attention because of staining are pre-treated with the appropriate solvents prior to washing. If your rug is animal stained or mildewed, we can deodorize it during cleaning. After the pre-treatment stage, we follow 4 steps:



    1. Manning Bros Flooring's in-plant cleaning thoroughly wets your imported wool rugs using pressurized water jets. Our low impact scrubbers enable water and our eco-friendly detergents to penetrate your rug's fibers to get a deep down clean. Soaking jets then rinse the dirt and detergent away.






    1. Conveyors move each rug through a set of ringers which compress the rug at high pressure to remove most of the excess water.





    1. The rug is hung in a thermostatically controlled drying room to completely dry your rug.





  1. Once completely dry, your rug is rolled and wrapped in thick kraft paper to seal in the clean.