Renew Your Favorite Rug

Renew Your Favorite Rug

Hire us to clean your area rugs in the Bogota, Hudson County & Bergen County, NJ area

At Manning Bros. Carpet & Flooring, we can clean your favorite area rug at our shop or in your home. In as little as seven days, we can restore a rug of any style to its original store-bought appearance. We’ll remove stains, dirt and built-up allergens.

If the damage is more severe, we can repair your rug. Our team members have mastered the art of matching fibers and colors. We’ll use advanced repair techniques such as:

  • Fringing
  • Serging
  • Binding
  • Custom Borders

Bring your area rug to our facility for a 20% discount off the cleaning price! Call 201-621-0042 to schedule your rug repair. We provide our services to clients throughout the Bogota, Hudson County & Bergen County, NJ area.

In the middle of renovation or moving?

If you are moving or cleaning your rugs as part of a renovation project, we can store your rugs in our plant for free for the first 30 days! If you need more time than that, no worries. We can store your rugs for for longer at a reasonable price. Contact us today to inquire about our rug storage options.